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Edition 67
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Cahill-Keyes World Map
& B.J.S. Cahill Resource

World Politics &
Strategic Nonviolence

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Gene Keyes
Various works by Gene Keyes

• Sometime peace activist
• World politics prof (ret.)
• Cahill-Keyes world map designer

What's New
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2015-08-07, Edition 67
GK 1985 harsh review of Paul R. Pillar,
Negotiating Peace

2015-04-27, Edition 66
Cahill Online Resource, revised & updated

2014-10-05, Edition 63
"World Wide Rescue", Policy Options, 1984
"[Mercy Force]. USA Today, 1992 [re-formatted]

2014-03-11, Edition 61
"How to easily view a 9,000 sq.ft. Megamap

2014-02-24, Edition 60
"To Give Life: A Nonkilling Military:
Precedents and Possibilities"

Cahill-Keyes M-layout world map silhouette including Antarctica
Cahill-Keyes 1975
Cahill-Keyes Megamap Beta-2